Life. Love. Poetry.





Passion waning

hopes diminishing

time passing

unrequited feelings

and being constantly overlooked

is my lament

as the years go by.


A blessing

for me

to recently be inspired again

and not let my writing gift go dormant

My ten day poetry class

has quickly sped to an end.


Future hopes

would be

poetic inspiration flourishing

love coming

boy meets girl

and actually asks girl out

(yes, such a novel concept these days)

commitment more than a passing fancy

or moving on to the next girl

but one

that promises more

and touches my heart

and his.

Love blossoming

like a beautiful cherry blossom.

Faith flourishing

and a dash

of exciting world travel, too.

In my dreams

for the future.






Beautiful oasis


beautiful oasis

is a field of gorgeous

purple wildflowers,

tall wild prairie grasses,

trees stretching for miles,

baby deer running into the forest,

and the brilliant sun on my back

as I meander through the woods

with joy and bliss in my heart.

It is a peaceful landscape

where I escape

and where I feel free of

the entrapment

of the chains of modern life

and the concrete jungle.


It is serene.

It is gorgeous.

It is exhilarating.

It is my beautiful oasis.


Newborn Daughter

The mother looks down

and tenderly smiles.

She reaches out

to stroke a stray lock

of wispy brown hair

on her newborn daughter’s head.

Her husband sighs with contentment

and radiates

a megawatt smile

full of love and warmth

and joy.

He touches his wife’s back

with a touch of adoration

and affirmation.

“Faith” they both whisper

in unison.

Their newborn daughter’s

chosen name

is full of promise

of their spiritual hopes

and dreams for her.

She is their joy.

She is their pride.

She is their daughter.

The special bond

that they share

is a blissful moment

when it feels like

Heaven actually comes down

and touches earth.

True bliss.


Cookie Dough Ice Cream poem

Cookie dough ice cream

is like a dream.

It is my favorite flavor.

I think I will love it forever.


The chocolate chips are yummy.

It makes me happy in my tummy.

Not trying to be funny;

it just makes my day more sunny.


The cookie dough pieces are bliss

kind of like a magical first kiss.

It is number one in my book

and will always get a second look.

Majestic Nostalgia: The Drive-In (a poetic tribute)

Drive-in Nostalgia (clip art)

The majestic nostalgia

of the drive-in

calls out

to a place

in history

that is vanishing.

That makes me sad.

It is

a special place

where families and friends can


movies on the

big screen

in the summertime and fall

in the crisp

night air

with popcorn in hand

and contentment in their heart.

There is


so beautiful

and pure

about a drive-in,

and I hope

that they last

into the future

for many years to come.


Imperfect: A Poetic Rendering


why does it scare us so

to be?

Too slow

and we get left behind

and criticized.

Too fast

and we make mistakes.


As women

we struggle

to be thin.

To be beautiful.

To be desired.

To be capable.

All the while inside

secretly feeling imperfect

and wondering if we

are good enough,

or thin enough,

or pretty enough?


Perfection is a cruel master,

not allowing for any deviations,

flaws, or lesser standards.

But I believe that there

is beauty in imperfection

and freedom

in not trying to be perfect.

Perfectly imperfect.

That is true beauty.



I journey into a mythical place

full of castles and rolling green meadows,

and I gaze upon

a serene and beautiful unicorn

white as snow.

I stroke her mane

and it is silky to the touch

and soft as a baby’s newborn skin.


I see a rainbow with a pot of gold

sparkling like a star,

and I venture onward

to seek my fortune.

I ponder that perhaps I will see a leprechaun.


I pass a mighty rushing waterfall

clear as glass

and pure as diamonds.

I feel free and flawless.

Life’s weights seem magically forgotten

and all of my cares are gone.


Then I awake

from my blissful dream

and my magnificent journey,

but I have a newfound peace and ambition

for my real journeys yet to come.