Semi-Random Musings from my World Again

I have wanted to write a blog for quite some time, but blog topics come and go and my interest waxes and wanes as my life keeps on jetting along.  It feels like I blink and then three more months go by.  At this rate, Christmas will be here before I know it.

I wanted to set tonight aside to write a blog, because it seems like if I don’t make it a priority, then it will never happen.  You know how it goes- you get off work late, your sister calls, you need to stop by the ATM, you send a text or two, and then you hop on Facebook and time seems to warp speed forward and you wonder where it went?  Yes, that is my night so far.

So, in honor of semi-random musings from my world (again), here is this blog.

1.  I entered a poem that is very personal to me into a poetry contest on It is perhaps my favorite poem that I have ever written.  It is about regret, a topic that I am sure that many people can identify with.  Perhaps running a close second in terms of my favorite poems that I have penned is “Shy Girl.”  Both poems are special to me, and it was a challenge to decide which one to enter in the poetry contest, since only one entry is allowed per poet.  I have posted poems on for over a year now, and I am excited that they are having a poetry contest and will have online voting once the entry deadline passes.  I would love to win the $1,000 grand prize, especially with my less than prosperous financial situation, however of vastly greater importance than the financial blessing is the validation that I would feel as a poet if my poetry was selected for one of the top prize spots.  I know it is a long shot to win a contest like that, but if you don’t aim for the stars, then you never know.

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2.  I got on Facebook FINALLY.  If you know me, then you may know some of my issues with Facebook, but I have largely made my peace with it overall.  I still don’t think it substitutes for real live friend face time, but I do think it is pretty amazing to form a bridge with people in your life and potentially even around the world.  Honestly, I can get distracted by just the news feeds alone from my friends, and it is nice that I have recently connected with some of my family on Facebook, too.   I am hoping to reconnect more with old friends and also enrich my newer friendships.  I especially like Facebook for getting to see status comments and pictures that people share, but mainly I like how you can keep up with your friends lives and with things that you would not know.  I almost feel like I have been living the life of a hermit, but I have finally come out of the cave.  I do think social connection is good (but I highly value in person time), and I am trying to figure out a balance with my Facebook time and my real-life time.

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3.  I decided to try the free Netflix one month trial at the end of May, after having it recommended by several people and figuring out that I could responsibly budget it in.  When my free trial was over, I decided to continue on with a paid subscription to stream it, especially since I don’t have cable.   I like it, especially the amount of movies of different genres and tv shows you can choose from.  I am kind of a nostalgia girl, and I like how there are classic tv shows, like Knight Rider and MacGyver, on Netflix.  I also find my self watching a good number of ABC family type movies, or movies that my friends probably would not be as thrilled to watch with me (Santa Paws, anyone?  I know, I know- it is not Christmas, but I felt like watching a cute and uplifting Christmas/dog movie).  Netflix seems behind the times with new movies, and I have owned some new movies for months by the time they get to Netflix, but Redbox fills in the gaps for a cheap rental in the meantime.

4. I wish you didn’t have to request a receipt at a restaurant or coffee shop when you pay like you request a food item. This is a pet peeve of mine.  I went to a local coffee shop recently, and I was disappointed when I paid with a credit card and then I got moved on down the line to the next customer but was not given a receipt.  I used to record to the penny the discretionary money that I spent, and I was highly disciplined with my budget.  I had even cut up most of my credit cards during a financial class that I took. I have loosened up a lot with my budget these days, and I am using credit cards more, but I will note that it definitely hurts more to pay money in cash than to swipe a credit card when the amount is in the double digits.  I think wise financial stewardship is important.


Sad and Interesting is the Order of the Day

Days can be thematic sometimes. Today, sad and interesting appeared to be the order of the day. It was a long day, and I got home after 9 pm. As I was parking, I was inspired by a new song that I heard on the radio on my favorite radio station, Air1. It was by Britt Nicole, who I find very inspiring and talented. (Side note: I actually got to volunteer at her concert with radio promotions for Air1 Radio several years ago when she performed a concert in my area). Well, I loved her new song with Lecrae, and I was inspired to get on Myspace, which I don’t do much at all these days, but I still like it for the music and for reminiscing. Anyways, I was stopped by “the new myspace”, saying not only had myspace changed, but that my current browser was not supported to login. All I wanted to do was add the song to my profile as #1 song, but I had to go through the steps to get a new browser to meet my goal. So, I added Mozilla Firefox as a browser, which truth be told, I should have done ages ago, since I hear it is an excellent browser. Funny how when you can’t do something you want to do that takes “two seconds”, it is quite annoying to be slowed down with technical delays. Anybody else agree?

So, after getting my new browser, I tried to login and got stopped by the “new myspace.” Of course, I had to agree to the privacy policies, video policy, and other various policies before proceeding. I also noticed that it APPEARS that unless you are a MEMBER of myspace (i.e. the NEW myspace, not the classic myspace), you CANNOT listen to music! You can only search for music. Why would anyone want to search for music but not listen to it? Sometimes I used to listen to music in my old myspace player without logging in. This probably sounds funny, but I would listen to my playlist when I didn’t realy care or need to login, and when I didn’t care to be tracked for every song I played. Anyways, so, unless I am missing something, it appears the new myspace is EXCLUSIVE for members ONLY to listen to music, which I find sad and, well, exclusionary. I like music being free and for the people. And, don’t quote me on this without double-checking, but I believe that when I tried to check out Spotify app for music numerous months ago (which my friend raved about), I couldn’t login in because I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t think that is very fair.

I am a person who does not like to sign something or click accept when I have not read something, especially when terms say that I have read terms, etcetera. Granted, I don’t like reading 40 page terms verbatim, but I try to pay attention to privacy policies and rules. But, I got tired of reading and really ONLY WANTED ONE SONG. It is already late, so I decided to table the new myspace for another day and make sure I am reading when I am less tired. Here is the super sad other thing that I want to comment on- when I was clicking about how the new myspace is different than the classic myspace, it said some things will not carry over in the new experience- things like blogs and comments. That makes me so sad! I always considered my old myspace like a digital record or journal as part of my life- so many happy memories are tied up there, plus blogs that I never saved that were before I was on wordpress. I think I also lost some of my poetry which I may have only had a digital copy of, which of course, I did not save. It is too late now, but I wish I knew more about archiving and stuff that seems taught more in librarian circles. Sometimes it feels like I a babe in the woods, but it is sad once it is too late to do things maybe you should have done, but didn’t think something would be totally taken away from you. I was never warned by myspace by e-mail with the changes, and I knew there was a newer version, but I didn’t use it a ton recently. Still, I don’t think they promoted the switch with a deadline, and I don’t think they publicized what people would lose until it was lost. Maybe I am wrong, and I not trying to speak something untrue, but with so much of our identities wrapped up in the digital realm, I wonder how many people would be upset if their Facebook profile got wiped out, or how would they feel if Linked In pulled the plug? We are all vulnerable.

Once I decided to pass on the new myspace (for tonight anyway), I got on Air1 Radio ( to stream the mixology live. Of course, I got distracted by their home page with “trending now” news headlines. Here is the one that caught my eye. It is about new Lego figurines being more grumpy than in previous years. I think that is interesting, but sort of sad. Here is the article:

Also, an article I was reading earlier in the day was in the Chronicle of Higher Education about privacy, law, and government. It was highly thought-provoking and troubling. If you are interested in privacy laws, logical arguments, or freedom, then I definitely recommend it. It fits my theme of the day- sad, yet interesting.

Text Messaging is taking over the world!!!

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Text messaging is taking over the world!!!  I did think that honor was unofficially bestowed to Facebook, but text messaging may actually usurp Facebook, which is a high honor, indeed.  Case in point: we all know that we can send text messages to our family and our friends, or get free promo codes by text from companies like Redbox, but now text messaging has gotten a foot in the door in the library and information science field.  This foot in the door phenomenon may revolutionize customer service as we know it.

Tonight I was searching my local public library catalog by utilizing their iPhone app.  I had a question about a library item that I desired.  Thus, I clicked on “contact us” in the library app and saw the normal phone and e-mail contact information for my local library.  However, my interest was piqued when spying “text” as an option to answer my question.  It is important to note that I am a text messaging convert (i.e. I was against text messaging for a few years before I finally gave in, changed my phone service plan, and began text messaging).  Now, I think text messaging is amazing, and I find it quite helpful in a plethora of ways like sending friends encouraging messages, for social planning, for information sharing, and for various functional purposes.  So it may come as no surprise to you that I used text messaging as my happy and instant solution to my library query.  Within minutes a library staff member answered my question, and I was moving forward with my library request.

I must say that this whole experience has made me wonder if text messaging is taking over the world? 

Text a Librarian Booth Artwork

Things That Annoy Me

Author’s Editorial Note:

This post was originally titled “Things I Hate”, but now every time I look at that title it does not jive with me, so I have made an editorial adjustment.  Hate is a very strong word, and actually it is a word that I am seldom inclined to use.  I am aware, however, that I definitely overuse the word “love”, but that is in specific cases, such as the “I love Starbucks” type…seriously our English language does NOT do justice to the many facets of love that exist (Greek is much better for that), and I am not one that wants to cheapen the word love in its purest form.  Maybe I am more of a lover than a fighter, too (a.k.a. my disconnect with the word hate and preference for the word love).  Finally, there is the fact that we should love one another (whether you think about God or the Beatles for inspiration), and in my life I want to focus more on the good than the bad.  Thus, without further ado, here are “Things that Annoy Me.”

1. Utilization of the Internet for what seems like personal character assassination and slander. (Note: Character shredding in person is also bad, as well as behind a person’s back).  Bullying is the classic example, but I am being far more broad than that.  The internet is an amazing tool, but I prefer when it is used to edify instead of tear down.

2. Facebook being used for engagement news sharing BEFORE the engaged person’s best friends (or family) are even told.  This is especially bad if the best friends and family are NEVER told, and Facebook is utilized in order to take the place of heartfelt, caring phone calls or other personal correspondence.  If people who are NOT on Facebook DO care to hear directly that their close friends or family members are engaged, then this is particularly bad.

3. Facebook being used for funeral and visitation information, when no other type of personal correspondence is utilized.  This one hits close to home this past week.

4. Misunderstandings.  This is one of the reasons that my MySpace account was changed and is currently private.  Also, I hate it when people have pieces of a puzzle, but they are missing crucial pieces (of course, I am being figurative).  However, I find it grossly unfair when people fill in the blanks with incorrect (and thus false) assumptions.  This seems to happen a lot in life.

5. I get annoyed when people assume things based on a category that someone happens to fit in.  For instance, if someone thinks that since I am a Christian, then I am also a Republican, then they would be wrong.  Or, if someone things that because I am a feminist, then I hate men, that would also be wrong.  I think that our society does this all the time (re: incorrectly assume things about categories of people).  Actually, I have many beliefs that do not always co-exist together, and anyone who takes the time to get to know me will realize that.

6. I am disappointed when people are too busy for things and people who really matter.

7. I get annoyed when people break their word and are unreliable.  A few of my friends that I have been friends with for many years fall into this category.  I finally realized that I deserve people in my inner circle who respect me and are people who I can count on in both good times and in bad (whether I am having surgery or they just want to get a relaxing cup of coffee….a close friend should be counted on to be there for either occasion.  Life is more than just good times, and some people are fun friends but not “thick and thin” friends, the latter of which are more meaningful to me at this point in my life).

Unfortunately, when I had surgery last summer, several key friends in my life were not there for me at all or broke their word to me.  I have tried to work on myself to stop dwelling on some of the friend hurts from that time period (and a major one right before that) that really wounded me and were quite painful.  On a BRIGHTER note, some other people stood out to me that I did not expect- some I barely knew at all or I was just on an acquaintance level with (i.e. the mail carrier at my job who asked me how I was doing {after my surgery}, or someone in passing who took the time to listen to me on a down day and was there when I started to cry….that small kind act made the day better and was definitely encouraging… remember stuff like that).  Then there was my newer friend, Tisha, from my church, who gave me a sweet surgery pack complete with amazing chocolate and a cute gift bag in my favorite color.  Kindness always stands out to me, and I appreciate it, as well as reliability and people who are friends in any weather (so to speak) in this sometimes roller coaster of life that we all go through. 

8. Lack of grace.

9. Cussing.  Maybe I don’t HATE it, but I am definitely not a fan.  My Mom used Coast soap in order to wash my mouth out when I went through a cussing spell around the age of 15.  That horrible taste just does not leave your mouth.  I still remember that punishment, and it helped me with my foul mouth. (Please note that I am NOT recommending that any parents do that…..not by any means).

Also, in terms of cussing, in PARTICULAR, I hate the “B” word being used toward women and girls.  Many people seem to accept that word as being ethically and morally acceptable (or perhaps people accept that word as being justified,  utilizing “the ends justify the means” type of argument).  Also, I understand that some women use that term for empowerment, as other terms have been used by victimized and oppressed groups in order to reclaim the language.  I am not trying to be the language police, BUT I will say that I previously worked for a year as a legal advocate for abused women.  Every single women was called that word by her abuser…every single one….and, of course, we as women get socialized to think that we “deserve” to be called that, somehow.  (Author’s note: Please note that I am not saying that everyone who ever utters the “B” word is abusive or an abuser.  But, that word can be very unkind and derogatory, and that is something to think about).  Language (written or spoken) is powerful and can be really edifying and encouraging, or it can rip another down and be incredibly harmful.  I am no saint, but I try to use encouraging language, and I also try to apologize when I have been wrong.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (or is it?)

I posted this blog on my MySpace account yesterday, however I have had 0 views thus far.  Not really surprising if I think about it.  So, I have decided to post this blog here on WordPress, as well.  We all know that we WordPress people like to blog, right?  And, I really want to share this with everyone here, too.  Please note that the word “here” in this blog refers to MySpace, since I originally wrote this piece with solely MySpace in mind, however, I am now posting it in its entirety on WordPress (with some slight editing revisions).  While it is slightly wordy, I want to point out that I was NOT trying to beat 1,000 words due to my title (however, I happen to hit 1,795 words).

A picture is worth a thousand words….hmmmm….is it?  I kind of wanted to test that hypothesis, albeit sociologically speaking, because I had a suspicion about my MySpace profile photo, and it turns out that I was right.  I wanted to test (loosely, with data not quantified for any purpose other than my interest in human nature) to see what would happen when I changed my MySpace profile photo to one that had me with a child in it.  I will tell you about the correlation that I found (which is what I expected), but first I want to back up and give a bit more of a preface, plus another relevent explanation, as well.

So, I was off of MySpace for maybe a year or 2….I used to LOVE MySpace. I mean absolutely love it.  I used to do a lot of music promotion at one season of my life and I was constantly volunteering for a Christian radio station in my area and around the state.  I would even organize radio station volunteers for concerts in my area and often go on stage to speak…I love that kind of thing.  So, what drew me to MySpace was the amazing amount of bands and artists on it, plus many of my college friends and my brother used to be regulars on here.  But then everyone pretty much left for Facebook (all except me), and these days my college friends (for the most part) just have profiles on here they never use, or else they deleted their profile when their boyfriend did…stuff like that.  Unfortunately, Facebook was part of one of the absolute biggest friend hurts a friend has EVER done to me….but that is another story that I don’t really care to blog about.  Anyways, MySpace lost its appeal for me when no one I knew was keeping up with it…but I found one day that I still loved the music on Myspace and kind of missed it, so I made the decision to get back on MySpace.

Which brings me somewhat up to today.  So, when my sister (who is not on Facebook or MySpace, actually, but I think at one point her husband tried to sign her up for Facebook) heard that I was doing MySpace again, she told me, “you know, I heard that MySpace is just ONE BIG BOOTY CALL.” Those are her words, not mine. My sister calls it like she sees it….blunt and all.  Anyways, I hoped SURELY she was mistaken. Surely.  Let me NOT FREAK OUT (definitely NOT the type of girl looking for anything like that, you know)….and I thought I will give it a chance.  Surely that isn’t true.  And, beside, mainly I am “here for the music”, and sometimes I also like to blog about life and write poetry about God and love.  I figure even if I blog and no one reads it….well, all is good, because personally I find writing highly therapeutic, fun, creative, enjoyable, relaxing….the list goes on and on (Side note- although, I must say, it is very nice when people read what you write.  That is so cool).

Actually, I need to back up again and make a very important point.  My MySpace profile used to be private. Friends only access. A lot of that was due to when I worked as a Counselor for around 5 years, and ethically speaking I wanted  a separation between my work life and my personal, private life.  When I was getting my Master’s Degree in Counseling with a Community Concentration, of course they taught us ethics. One of the big ethical mandates was do not DATE your client. I want to say “DUH”, but there are those who do that, and worse. That type of thing is a horrible misuse of the power and authority that you have in your role as a Counselor, in a setting that is all about intimate emotional sharing and trust. It completes violates professional counseling ethics.  Another variation of inappropriate ethics when you are a Counselor is the blending of the work role as a Counselor into also being a social, hanging out friend….you are not supposed to do that either, but I think that happens  often, especially in smaller towns.  Also, I think that sometimes clients may think that Counselors have all the wise answers….or at the very least, that you have it all figured out with relationships….not quite.  Anyways, I decided when I was working as a Counselor to have my MySpace profile private in order to not affect my clients in any adverse ways or to cause any ethical problems or issues.  Although, today, I am no longer working as a Counselor, because the Center that I worked at closed, which resulted in some changes for me and a shift in where I work presently.

So, to get back to my results: I found out that my sister had largely heard RIGHT.  MySpace IS largely a booty call by many people, from my observations.  I make this observation because once I changed my profile to being completely open (in an attempt to be transparent and to expand outside of my “box”), all I can say is that it seemed like the FLOODGATES were open. I somehow probably inadvertently made it worse because (up until recently) for a long time now I have selected as my profile pic a picture that I really liked that was taken a couple of years ago by my friend after she dyed my hair and did my make-up (my friend is actually a Genius with those type of things, actually).  The next thing I know, I was getting CONSTANT friend requests…..from guys, almost NEVER from girls…and also I would get requests from bands, too- that makes sense.  But here is the problem: besides the plethora of friend requests, I would also have things like a guy sending me a private message with a virtual rose, guys proposing inappropriate hook-up requests with me using gross and vulgar language for male and female genitalia, guys asking to instant message me (I don’t even know how to do that, actually)….plus the 18-year-old who asked if I had ever fantasized about being with a younger guy and how young would I go?…or the girl who said I was so pretty and she wanted to get together and that she has been with 2 women previously…and on and on and on.  Seriously, that is NOT why I am on MySpace!!!  It does make me want to, at times, lock the door and change my profile back to private…people can friend me if they are on MySpace and want to be my friend….but, honestly, transparency is a good thing, and sometimes we can “throw the baby out with the bath water.” Sometimes.

I am still thinking about my options, but I have hope that I can be transparent and NOT be sexually hit on in gross ways or feel like I am being looked at as a piece of meat (not cool is the understatement!!!).  Thus, I decided to change my profile picture.  I appreciated that my friend, Tisha, and her guy friend helped get me up to speed with some tech stuff to easily (ok, MORE EASILY) get photos on MySpace and on my laptop (I think that it is fair to say except for a couple of unusual speed bumps that seemed to even slightly surprise Tisha’s friend, a smart techie….side note- I DO need some technology help for me to get up to speed with our technology driven world, but it makes me feel lots better if techie type people tell me that the litany list of problems that I always seem to face tech-wise is NOT JUST ME….sometimes I think technology doesn’t like me…but I know, I know, it is NOT human….that is just my attempt at humor).  But, I am digressing and turning this blog into a longer piece than I meant it to be, and hopefully the few people who may read this are not nodding off waiting for me to get to my point… I will cut to the chase.  Once I semi-recently uploaded some recent pictures of my family to MySpace for a new photo album (yay!), I decided that I wanted to update my profile pic to a cute one of me with my nephew, Devin.  He is really hard to get a picture of or even with- he is CONSTANTLY on the run, or he will look away from the camera the second before you take the photo. So, I am really glad to finally have a good picture of me with my little nephew.  Anyways, I kind of wondered at that time if a change like my picture of me with my nephew would cause the MySpace craziness to calm down.

So, here are my results. Yes, the craziness has calmed down. How is that for scientific results?  LOL! I am thrilled to report that, for the most part, guys don’t seem to want to hit on me inappropriately these days.  That may be because they think I have a kid.  Although, one divorced single Dad around my age did propose us meeting up for something serious.  But, the constant messages and friend requests and gross innuendos have stopped. I don’t remember exactly how long it has been since I changed my profile photo- maybe a few weeks at most. But I have only had a few friend requests that I can count on one hand, and one or two of those were bands.  So, I am much happier. However, I do wish people would not use MySpace as one big hook-up….it really mars MySpace and somewhat harms the potential good of MySpace.  Alas, I am just one among a possible small number of people who may think the way that I do….from what I can tell, there are many people who are just looking for a hook-up.   Me, I am off writing poems about regret.

 Peace out. ~ Julie

Semi Random Musings from my World

Hopefully the title to my blog is not a misnomer.  According to my Webster’s New World Dictionary (which is honestly older than some of my friends, with yellowing pages that give it the mark of true character), the word musing comes from the word muse, which means to meditate, or to say or think meditatively.  This blog really will not be meditative, but that type of writing is definitely something that I would enjoy on another day.  So, I’ve been itching to write a new blog for a while, even if my readership is small, but growing, and I have YET to get my first real non-spam comment (SHAMELESS PLUG- real comments are appreciated!!!! Please feel free to comment!!!!  I would greatly appreciate that…..and, unfortunately, none of my close friends are on WordPress yet, thus I am pretty sure that they cannot comment).  Tonight, I had a deep, insightful blog in mind that I was going to write, with a rough working title of “Transparency vs. Privacy, Digitally Speaking”, however I hope I will not disappoint when I say that my mind has been pondering many random musings of late…..none earth shattering, and I’m not trying to win the Pulitzer Prize or anything….but I just feel like sharing musings from my world.  With you.  My much appreciated reader in this new venture of “Julie meets WordPress”.  Please know that when I am able to do justice to weightier topics and ponderings, then I will.

On to the musings, in no particular order of importance.

1.  I talked to my Dad tonight, and I am so excited that he is coming down to visit me this Sunday, because we have tickets for the Illinois vs. Iowa basketball game on 2/26.  I enjoy basketball and I actually used to play in 5th and 7th grade, until I got tired of running suicide drills just to be a bench warmer while all the popular kids got to play.  Too bad, too, because I was just starting to get good at free throws around that time.  I still enjoy a game of horse now and again with my Dad, but we don’t get the opportunity to do that much these days.  But, back to the Illini- I have only seen an Illini basketball game once, when my friend’s brother won free tickets at a bar and she called me to go.  It was really fun.  This time around it will be fun in a different way, because it will be bonding with my Dad, he grew up in Iowa,  and I am now a staff member at the University of Illinois.  I figure now I will relate more, and, to be 100% honest, I used to have issues with the University of Illinois, and I also had some judgments that were not so great.  I admit it.   That was back when I had roommates who went to the University of Illinois, and some of them kind of acted like I wasn’t smart because I had gone to a “lesser” university….I don’t like that kind of thing, that type of elitism.  However, I was personally convicted, and I had to check my attitude, too, with the University of Illinois (although, one valid issue that I do still have today with the University of Illinois is that it caters to the wealthy and privileged students, often leaving the middle- and lower-class students out of the amazing, and yet high-priced education, that is the University of Illinois.  I believe it should be that ALL voices matter and beautiful strength exists in DIVERSITY. This trancends one particular socio-economic class).  But, fast forward to today: now I work at the University of Illinois.  Funny how things work out, isn’t it?  Sometimes life is pretty surprising.

Logo of Illinois Fighting Illini.

Go Fighting Illini! Beat Iowa!

2.  I want to get back into bowling.  I used to love bowling as a child, and I had fun going bowling with a few friends recently on my birthday.  I had no idea though how bowling prices had skyrocketed. Our price for one game of bowling was over $5, plus a couple of dollars for shoes.  Since we played two games, the cost really started to add up. It did get me thinking though about looking into ordering a new pair of bowling shoes.  I had a pair of bowling shoes for many years that I was given as a gift, and they were great.  My budget was a big fan of me having my own shoes, too.  However, the only problem with having your own shoes is that people actually expect you to be good, imagine that.  My bowling scores run a wild gamut, and when I have been out of practice, as I was on my birthday….well, let’s just say too bad it wasn’t bumper bowling.  Also, Wii bowling is NOT the same thing as real bowling, might I add. In case you want to see a picture of my new bowling shoes (currently on order), here they are (Author’s note- these shoes are not my first choice….the super cute pink and purple shoes were discontinued…..what can I say, life is not fair.  This is my attempt at humor, in case you are wondering).

Dexter- Ana. My new bowling shoes. Just don't ask me what I bowled recently!

3.  I think Twitter seems pretty cool.  I am not sure if I am concise enough for Twitter though.  I love elaboration.  I love details.  Twitter seems like a short burst of thought, but I like the stories along with the thoughts.  Still, Twitter is a social media platform that has a vast amount of potential.  I find it interesting the Michelle Obama got on Twitter last month.  And I just read an interesting article about the POPE and Twitter.  Hint: the article involves the Pope, who is more Twitter- hip than I am (yes, I am pretty sure that I did just coin the term “Twitter-hip”).  The article centers around how the Pope is utilizing Twitter to save Lent.  (If you are interested, link to it here:

I DO think Twitter has its cautions though, as does everything.  Too many people let social media dictate and invade their lives, rather than let it enrich their lives.  Don’t ask me what I think of Facebook.  That is probably a story for another blog.  (Although I have a feeling that one day I will break down, over all my objections and concerns, and get on Facebook.  It is a social media platform that has some stellar strengths, but yet many perils and also intellectual property concerns).  As far as Twitter though, I think common courtesy is important.  I remember one time a friend of mine (who I am rarely able to hang out with because she is so busy and she has kids) was off in her own world posting pictures to Twitter about the event we were just at, rather than enjoying our precious time together to reconnect.  On second thought, maybe it was Facebook she was posting pictures to, but I am pretty sure she said Twitter.  But she missed out, in my opinion.  Maybe we ALL miss out sometimes, rather than living life and being in the moment, we let it pass us by….sometimes as we are so busy commenting, or “liking” things, or just plain missing  the moment.  Something to think about for us all.

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I have lots more semi random musings, but this post is already longer than I expected with only THREE semi random musings from my world.  Wow, if I do decide to make the plunge and get on Twitter, then that DEFINITELY AND ASSUREDLY will be a challenge for me.  Peace out.