4 Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is flying by and it feels like Summer even though officially we still have a few more weeks of Spring. If you are looking for some quick and easy Spring cleaning ideas that can often be overlooked, then here are 4 ideas that I suggest.

1. Ceiling fans: Clean your ceiling fans. Dust often accumulates and the fans can be so busy circulating that dust is forgotten. I recommend a feather duster to clean all the blades and other areas of the ceiling fan.

Spring cleaning ceiling fan (photo by Julie A. Smith)

2. Medicine cabinet: If you have time (especially if it is really disorganized), then it is best to take everything out of the medicine cabinet. Do a quick check to see if anything has expired and if so, toss it out! Then organize your medicine cabinet by themes such as cold medicines and vapor rubs, pain medicine like Advil, etc.  Everything will be so much easier to find!!! Please note that the picture below is the BEFORE picture.

Easy Spring Cleaning- Medicine Cabinet Before Picture (Photo by Julie A. Smith)

3. Refrigerator: True confession- my refrigerator had so much on it that I was embarrassed to take a before picture. I don’t think I had cleaned the front of my refrigerator off for many years, and I kept adding more magnets and things on it indiscriminately.  So, I set a limit for how many items I wanted to display on my fridge which helped me get rid of clutter. I actually took everything off, cleaned the front of it, and then put selected items back on the refrigerator using the limit I set.  I thought about what I wanted to showcase for a cleaner look and feel. I also checked expiration dates on things inside my fridge like salad dressings and threw out what has expired or gone bad.

Spring Cleaning- Front of Refrigerator After Picture (Photo by Julie A. Smith)

4. Bathroom cabinet: This one took me longer than I anticipated, but it was definitely worth the time.  First, I took everything out of the bathroom cabinet.  I decided to organize by themes regarding what I put back in the cabinet. I had lots of bottles with approximately only 2% body spray in them (yes, I am a fan of Bath & BodyWorks); I decided they were taking up valuable room so I tossed them. I ended up with cabinet organizational themes such as bath soap, hand soap, shower gel, extra toothpaste, etc. This has been one of the best and most overlooked Spring cleaning tasks that I have ever done.

Spring cleaning- Bathroom Cabinet After Picture (Photo by Julie A. Smith)

I hope that these ideas have been helpful and inspiring! May your Spring Cleaning go well!!!