Majestic Nostalgia: The Drive-In (a poetic tribute)

Drive-in Nostalgia (clip art)

The majestic nostalgia

of the drive-in

calls out

to a place

in history

that is vanishing.

That makes me sad.

It is

a special place

where families and friends can


movies on the

big screen

in the summertime and fall

in the crisp

night air

with popcorn in hand

and contentment in their heart.

There is


so beautiful

and pure

about a drive-in,

and I hope

that they last

into the future

for many years to come.



Imperfect: A Poetic Rendering


why does it scare us so

to be?

Too slow

and we get left behind

and criticized.

Too fast

and we make mistakes.


As women

we struggle

to be thin.

To be beautiful.

To be desired.

To be capable.

All the while inside

secretly feeling imperfect

and wondering if we

are good enough,

or thin enough,

or pretty enough?


Perfection is a cruel master,

not allowing for any deviations,

flaws, or lesser standards.

But I believe that there

is beauty in imperfection

and freedom

in not trying to be perfect.

Perfectly imperfect.

That is true beauty.



I journey into a mythical place

full of castles and rolling green meadows,

and I gaze upon

a serene and beautiful unicorn

white as snow.

I stroke her mane

and it is silky to the touch

and soft as a baby’s newborn skin.


I see a rainbow with a pot of gold

sparkling like a star,

and I venture onward

to seek my fortune.

I ponder that perhaps I will see a leprechaun.


I pass a mighty rushing waterfall

clear as glass

and pure as diamonds.

I feel free and flawless.

Life’s weights seem magically forgotten

and all of my cares are gone.


Then I awake

from my blissful dream

and my magnificent journey,

but I have a newfound peace and ambition

for my real journeys yet to come.



Mona Lisa Smile (a poem)

Mona Lisa smiles

so mysteriously.

Makes me wonder

Makes me ponder

Makes me think

about the mystery.


Maybe she had a secret?

Might she have had a secret love?

Maybe a hidden adventure in her heart?

Might there be a special promise that she embraced?


Mysterious and alluring

is her smile.

After hundreds of years

we still don’t know why.

Will this mystery

ever be solved?

Where is Nancy Drew to crack the case?

Alas, some mysteries stand the test of time.




Sometimes I just want to pull a Jonah and run away

Sometimes I just want to pull a Jonah and run away. You know that Biblical story, right? The Lord wants Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach against that city, because it’s wickedness had come up before God. Jonah runs away from the Lord and the Lord’s will and heads for Tarshish instead (Jonah 1:1-3). But you can’t outrun God. Eventually, a violent storm happens and Jonah is thrown overboard by terrified sailors and ends up inside a great fish (Jonah 1:4-16). 

Fast forward and Jonah eventually obeys the Lord and goes to Nineveh and speaks the Lord’s message, but he is dismayed and angry when the people repent for their wickedness and God shows them compassion and love. One thing that amazes me is that not only did the Ninevites believe God, but they declared a fast and ALL the people put on sackcloth in repentance and even the king called urgently on the Lord and said for the people to give up their evil ways and their violence (Jonah 3). I wonder about that happening today. It is hard to imagine a whole city unified, let alone 100% of a city’s people fasting and repenting.  Our modern day mantra seems to be “anything goes,” but I am not a fan of that mantra or relativism which compromises moral and religious integrity.

My life lately has been really hard with intense disappointments, work stress, a potential Goliath situation in my life, and frustrating car problems with my car that is barely two years old and has approximately 13,000 miles on it. I’d like to run away and escape to a new city or state or a new church. But I was led by God spiritually to move to my city when I was at a crossroads in my life, and I have no doubt God wanted me here. While it is not exactly a Jonah type “running away and being thrown overboard a ship into a whale” situation (thank goodness), I can relate to Jonah when he wants to run away from where he is supposed to be. Perhaps you can relate to the desire to run away?  Life’s storms are crazy, but I take heart in God’s love for me even when my faith is small like a mustard seed.  As the Scripture says (believe in Psalms), sorrow comes for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Book of the Bible- Jonah