Love is the Hope

The girl has a
hopeful heart.
Tired and forlorn
but still beating,
still prayerful,
and still seeking lasting love.
Love is the hope
of her.
Time smiles
and seasons come and go
for the girl
but she sees a future
in the distance
brighter than her current moments
and glistening with a golden sheen
like the sun and a thousand brilliant lights.
Love is the hope
of beautiful moments.
She is not backing down
from faith.
She is not giving up
having trust in her God
and His good hand
of provision for her.
Love is the hope
of God’s faithfulness.
Love beckons in the distance
still to be found and embraced
and toward that distance
she will go.

Starbucks Half off Frappuccino Happy Hour only has a few more days left!!!

“Don’t forget… half off any Frappuccino® blended beverage continues at Frappuccino® Happy Hour, 3­-5pm through May 15th” 2016 ( A bonus for Starbucks Rewards members is that the Happy Hour continues from 5-6 pm which is perfect for an after work Starbucks drive-through run.

You may want to check out the NEW Caramel waffle cone frappuccino (pictured above) which even has real pieces of waffle cone in it! I give it two thumbs up. Another fun pairing is the Smore’s Creme based frappuccino with the S’mores bar. I tried that recently and it reminded me of being at a campfire.  It’s an excellent choice for marshmallow lovers and for the approaching summertime!!!