Starbucks Holiday Winter Drinks are here (2013 edition)!!!

Starbucks Winter Drinks are here!!!  (Photo by Julie A. Smith); cup courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks Winter Drinks are here!!! (Photo by Julie A. Smith); cup courtesy of Starbucks

I am not a winter fan, and the thought of snowy winters every year in my native state of Illinois usually makes me want to move to California, truth be told.  Or perhaps Texas.  However, one perk of winter is the arrival of Starbucks holiday drinks.  Yes, we can debate about how it is not winter yet and technically still is fall, but holiday time is upon us as stores bring out Christmas displays and people start Christmas shopping.   I believe Starbucks still has one fall seasonal drink, pumpkin spice latte, available, but you may want to get it before Thanksgiving when it may become passé.

I received an e-mail from Starbucks on 11/1/13 announcing “What’s red and full of joy?” (answer: their red holiday cups).  Starbucks holiday drinks are out!  Their trio of holiday drinks is Caramel Brulee Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and Gingerbread Latte.  (Note: menu may vary by location).  I feel late to the party, as I kept seeing my friends on Facebook post pics of themselves with Starbucks holiday drinks.  Some of my friends love Starbucks as much as I do, and in the case of my friend Amber, probably more.  Finally, I went to Starbucks this past Thursday and got a Peppermint Mocha.  While I am more of an Andes mint girl, that is not a mocha option, so Peppermint it was.  I found out that you can get that year round, according to the Starbucks barrista, but only you don’t get the chocolate shavings, which in my opinion makes the drink.  The Starbucks drive-through guy also mentioned the eggnog latte when I said I was excited about the seasonal drinks being out.  It seems the eggnog latte is not getting as much publicity as the other holiday drinks, but I think it may be out already, too.

Unfortunately, the Starbucks iPhone app does NOT list the holiday drinks yet, which I find surprising for publicity sake and for providing consumers detailed descriptions and nutritional information of Starbucks holiday drinks.   Perhaps they will update their drink listings on the app in the future, but for now I want to give a shout-out to say if you are a fan of Starbucks holiday drinks, they have arrived if you want to go get one!

It is hard to write about Starbucks and not want to go there, so I think I may take my own advice and run out and get the Caramel Brulee Latte.  Woohoo!


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