Post Daylight Savings Time Thought for the Day

Daylight savings time can be painful. I don’t just mean how it can be challenging to adjust to getting off work and it is already dark or trying to remember how to change your car clock that only changes twice a year. Rather, I mean when Daylight Savings Time hits you on the head. Literally.

So, you know how there are tons of clocks you have to change for Daylight Savings time? Sometimes it seems that everywhere you look, there is another clock. That is magnified when you work in a place where there are many clocks, and it is essentially no one’s job to change them. I do lots of work behind the scenes in my building that often no one ever realizes.  I must pause a moment to note that I definitely am a person who appreciates blue-collar workers. They are the workers on whose backs America was founded on, and they contribute greatly to society. They often have hard and unheralded work, such as waitresses, maintainance workers, and mechanics. Honestly, on a personal note, I have even cleaned classrooms in my academic building where I work, but I am not a janitor.  I have over 30 tasks in my description, but the catch-all one is “performs other duties as assigned.”

Let me get back to my story. Can you tell that I am trying to write a mini-blog post, but yet I have not even made it to my main point? So I will get back to how Daylight Savings time can be painful. I went to change a couple of my buildings clocks that seemed to have been missed. It was very late in the day. One clock also had a battery that needed replaced, so I did that, and then put the clock back on the wall. I am not very tall, so putting the clock back on the wall was not super easy. Somehow the clock must not have been securely set on the nail, because it fell off the wall, hit me hard on the nose (side note: what are the odds of that?), slammed to the floor, and a part broke off the clock. This particular clock had long ago seen better days (its’ plastic cover was gone, but like the Energizer bunny it just kept going). Unfortunately, with the piece that broke off, the clock’s hand stopped working.  After the clock slammed into my nose, I spent a moment rubbing my nose and pondering how one knows if their nose is broken?  It hurt that bad. But I trust I am fine (all in a day’s work), but I cannot say the same thing for the clock. Thus, I will say somewhat tongue in cheek, sometimes Daylight saving time hurts.

Am I the only one things like this happen to? Sometimes it seems so.  I would love to hear reader’s comments. Let me know I am not alone! 🙂