A Pictorial Snapshot from my iPhone

Life, thoughts, and journeys are expressed well in pictorial snapshots.  An eclectic mix of random moments full of mundane things, fun adventures, emotions, and the fascinating color of life all combine to create the kaleidoscope of our lives. Since I seldom use actual photographs that I have taken in my blog, I decided to make a short pictorial snapshot of photographs that I have taken in the last few months from my amazing iPhone camera.

This is the view of the Mississippi River taken out the window of the Figge Art Museum (formerly Davenport Museum of Art).  I saw the only known self-portrait by Grant Wood (artist of American Gothic fame), plus other art from the museum’s permanent collection when I visited this museum with my Dad recently.  I especially liked an Andy Warhol painting of the American moon landing that was part of a travelling exhibition.

This photo was taken when I was looking for the fitness aisle at Wal-Mart, but I was drawn to the toy aisle first.  I am a kid at heart, truth be told.  As I perused the toy aisle, I couldn’t help but ponder why there were no cool Lego’s like this for girls when I was a kid.  I appreciate how today there are many girl-oriented Lego’s with fun colors and scenes showcasing various career options.  Definitely awesome and progressive.

 Beautiful sky at my favorite park.

Pretty flowers.

Chicago Bears Training Camp that I went to with my family on my vacation.  I like Illinois and Chicago sports teams, but I am not a die-hard fan by any means.  This was a fun family time, which is what I was most excited about.

Majestic fountain that fondly reminded me of Scotland, a country that I would love to visit again.

This is pretty decor at my church.  One of my Pastor’s has a good eye for decoration.

This picture is of pretty furnishings at my church after our recent remodel.  A fire damaged the building we were renting last November 2011, and we were displaced to a hotel for 4 months.  However, a beautiful blessing is that this past Spring we were able to buy our own building.  We did a remodel of the building since it used to be a publishing house and a Moose lodge.

Here is a link to the recent story about my church’s restoration after the fire:



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