“Dreams are not Illegal”


Today as I was taking my office financial deposits to my university’s Cashier’s office, I passed a young woman with her daughter.  The woman was wearing a t-shirt that was quite awesome.  The t-shirt simply said “Dreams are not Illegal.”  Yes!  I love it!  While I am not where I expected to be at this point of my life on multiple levels, I really need to make sure that I do not give up on my dreams.  Sometimes our dreams take a beating in life.  I can relate to the Biblical scripture in Matthew that talks about the winds and storms beating on the house.  The house stood because it was founded on the rock.  I like that literally and spiritually.  Storms are tough.  I am not denying that.  But the simple message of that t-shirt was a beautiful reminder to me.  Dreams are so important and we have the freedom to dream big dreams.  We are only encumbered by our own doubts and when we let others (re: peers, co-workers, families, and society) talk us out of our dreams, belittle us, shame us, and essentially beat us down.  I am tired of that.  I am entitled to have dreams, and they can be as big as I want.  You are entitled to your dreams too!  Dreams are free!  They are not illegal, and we don’t need to sell ourselves short.  May we all dream big, and may the dying embers of dreams that we once held dear be re-ignited so that our passion does not die and along with it parts of our souls.


Cute Kitten with Frog on Head


Photo credit from http://www.very-bored.com/pics2/cuteanimals/cute-animals-1.JPG

Note: I wanted to do something fun on my work lunch break earlier today instead of pay bills, so I decided to do an online search for cute animal pictures on my iPhone.  This was the cutest animal picture that I found.  My twin sister would appreciate it, because it reminds me of the adorable kermit the frog type costume that my nephew, Devin, wore last Halloween.  Devin was actually just wearing the frog on his head recently when I saw him on my vacation.  I wish that I had snapped a pic of Devin so you could see that adorable pic as well as this adorable kitten.