Prettiest Poet and Big Booty: Best and Worst Search Terms


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For awhile now I have been itching to write a blog post on the search terms that people use to find my blog. I think everyone, their brother, and their dog use Google as a search term engine, so as you might imagine, Google is a search engine that is often used when people stumble onto my blog. The sociological side of me is completely interested and fascinated by the various search terms that people have utilized to find me and my writing. Many search terms I totally see, some have left me scratching my head, others have made me smile, one made me cry, some are thought- provoking, and overall I find all of them just plain interesting. I could not rank them into a favorite order if I tried, and some great search terms will not even make this blog post, but I want to highlight some of the best and some of the worst search terms (in my subjective opinion, of course).

Best search terms:

1. “Complicated male female friendships“- Yes, who among us has not been there? I could perhaps write a book, but in no way will I ever claim to be an expert.

2. “desiring you quotes“- Sweet.

3. “cartoon hearts of burning love“- Graphic design meets a heart meets flaming passion, perhaps? Innovative and cool.

4.”how does god relate to puppies“- That one made me smile, and relates to my post about the Poky little puppy (a little Golden Book) and a spiritual devotion that I wrote.

5. “Quotes on love hearts“- many people have bounced onto my blog through looking up various search terms using “quotes” as a keyword. I did a post on “Love Quotes” that was one of my most popular posts, which this search term may relate to.

6. “famous poems on rejection“- I think that I like this one because it makes me feel like I am famous. LOL. Seriously, though, many people have ended up on my blog due to variations of the keyword “rejection”. I believe that religion, politics, and controversial topics often divide people, but rejection seems to be a unifying force and something that we have all faced in multiple areas, especially romantic relationships.

7. “poems on how much i miss you can’t live without you“- that one is one of my favorite search terms. I like the romance of it, the beauty, and the real and genuine emotion….it’s kind of like wearing your heart on your sleeve, so to speak. Although, in reality, I think that if the person whom you loved passed away, then you should still be able to carry on. Also, break-ups should not be the end of the world. Our hearts can ache for those we care about or love, and we miss them with great intensity when break-ups occur (or also in cases of unrequited love). I have always appreciated that wise saying that is oft-repeated (sorry, I don’t know who said it in order to credit them)- essentially paraphrased it goes something like, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, it is meant to be. If not, then they were never really your’s to begin with.”

8. “Starbucks cookie crumble frappuccino semi healthy? This is a person after my own heart. I WISH that I could say it was semi healthy, you know with the cookies, and whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle….but who am I kidding? Gotta love chocolate though, and I am a fan of Starbucks. (Author’s note: actually, I realized after I posted this that chocolate drizzle is NOT actually on this frappuccino… maybe it really DOES qualify as “semi” healthy!)

* Note: “Starbucks promotion”, “Starbucks promotion 2012”, and similar terms were the SECOND most popular category of search terms leading people to my blog. A quick quantitative perusal shows that over 24 search terms involved some variation of the keyword Starbucks. I have wondered if other countries are doing Starbucks promotions right now, because that is one of my more popular search terms lately, and the U.S. promotion for 1/2 priced Starbucks frappuccinos ended a few months ago, so the prevalence of this search term constantly of late has me wondering why.

9. “mysterious makes me think“- one of my absolute favorites.

10. “cartoon network show family lived in space“- this one I like because it never mentions The Jetsons by name.

11. “love quotes for Jesus” and “bible quotes about strength and love“- I like the spiritual piece.

12. “Avengers starbucks“- This one made me wonder if the Avengers were signing autographs at Starbucks….who needs Comic Con? (Just kidding….and I am not sure if I got that title 100% right….but as a newer fan of X-Men/the Avengers/the Fantastic Four/other superheroes, I think that Comic Con would be pretty cool. Honestly, why did ONLY BOYS get the cool stuff when we were all younger?….I got to read about Archie trying to choose between Betty and Veronica romantically,while boys got to read about cool superheroes like Spiderman. I could easily digress at this point and delve into the topic of socialization and gender roles, but I will stay on track for the theme of this blog post.

13. “things people are thankful for“- this is always good to remember.

14. “Can man and woman be just friends?“- Society and all of us may always debate this one. Reminds me of #1 above.

15. “Staying faithful relationship quotes” and “Christian quotes about standing next to someone“- Faithfulness and relational support in good times and in bad is of utmost importance.

16. “hopeful quotes” and “beautiful quotes of sunshine“- I like flowery search terms.

17. “the jetsons shoes” and “the jetsons dog” (similar to search term #10). I loved the Jetsons cartoon when I was young, so I appreciate these search terms. I have thought recently about how Astro would be a great name for a dog that I would be happy to adopt in the future, especially if one day I am blessed with a family of my own.

18. “touch of love quotes“- I am a fan of love, but really just seem to crash and burn at it.

Extras (added 7/16/12)

19. “staying in love quotes“- A beautiful topic.

20. “tender heart“- I have always had a tender heart, so I appreciate this search term. Compassion is a quality that is of high value and is greatly needed in the world. Also, this search term makes me thing of the Tender Heart Carebear (yes, I am showing my age, and yes, if you have read this blog for long, then you likely have deduced that I am a kid at heart. And, finally, yes, I really am a nostalgia girl, and I love things from my childhood).

21. “love and devotion quotes” and “quotes of healing and strength“- Definitely cool.

A few more Extras (added 7/29/12)

22. “morning Bible quotes” 🙂

23. “blossoming love quotes“- This makes me think of when love is first beginning and it comes alive like a blossoming flower.

24. “strength quotes for women”- It is always good to have strength and encouragement, especially in challenging times.

25. “prettiest poet“- This one made me smile, even though most likely it was not meant for me.

26. “sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest place quote“- This makes sense.

Worst search terms:

* Please note that many of these are just really sad search terms, so that is how they ended up categorized as “worst.” Technically though, very few of them are “worst”, but since I am a sensitive and emotional person, search terms that were really depressing and sad I chose to categorize as “worst.”

1. “being rejected by a girl i love quotationsThat is super sad. I feel for him. (I know how painful rejection is).

2. “living without desire quotes“- Interesting. Hmmm. I don’t think that is possible.

3. “deception quotes from the bible“- This one actually kind of bothered me that someone found my blog using this search term, and I don’t think I have written about deception quotes.

4. “big booty facebook” and “big booty“- I still remember the day that I saw this search term pop up in my Stats list. It made me go “What?!” I am sure that this person was disappointed when they linked to my post (“A Picture is Worth a A Thousand Words…or is it?”) and ended up reading about how my sister was concerned when I told her that I decided to get back on MySpace again.  My sister had commented that MySpace is now just one big booty call, so of course she knows I am not that kind of girl.  My blog post was a sociological piece about my recent experiences on MySpace.  It was also an observation about what happened when I changed my MySpace picture to a family friendly picture with my nephew.  Also, my post was not about Facebook, but I briefly mentioned how some of my friends had left MySpace for Facebook several years ago, but I still enjoyed MySpace.  I am sure that my post was not what the person was searching for when they typed in “big booty.”

*I must say that I NEVER would have thought of someone finding my blog with the search term “big booty”!!! Definitely got me to shake my head a bit.

5. “poems on male rejection“- Sad.

6. “emotional intimacy led to friendship“- While friendship is a beautiful gift to be treasured, I couldn’t help thinking that usually when people are emotionally intimate, it often leads to dating and romance. So, in the case of the person who wrote the search term, friendship may end up seeming like the booby prize.

7. “on being hurt by someone quotes“- Painful.

8. “Heartbreaking love poems“- I distinctly remember that this one was either my first or second search term ever for my blog which I started in January 2012. This one made me cry a tear (yes, if you know me, then you know I am a tender heart, and I cry sometimes). My first post has always been one of my most popular posts. It was about love, rejection, and poetry. I included a poem that I had written which was highly personal and vulnerable. To see a search term related to heartbreak was actually hard for me to see because that poem was so transparent and real, and that poem was a healing poem.

Extras (added 7/15/12):

9. “thanks for the love rejection

10. “happy hour girl

11.”quotes arrogance man

A few more extras (added 7/29/12). I will end my additions to this list with these last few search terms, because I don’t think that anyone wants to read a never-ending story type of list.

12. “racy quotes

13. “quotes about falling out of love

14. “you don’t deserve my tears love quotes

15. “emotional and touchy quotes

16. “girls that mistreat man quotes

P.S. I am not putting this last group in the best or worst category. My quantitative biggest category is “unknown search terms” or “other search terms“, which sometimes also comes up as “encrypted search terms.” Currently unknown search terms total 50, and they surpass runners-up Starbucks search terms and rejection topics search terms. I am curious what all the unknown search terms are, but since they are unknown then it is a mystery.

Comments are appreciated.

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