Tender Heart (Puzzle Pieces of Me)

Author’s Note: Life has been really tough lately for various reasons that only a small number know.  It is in these and other moments of life that you can think of changing your course, whether through big or small changes.  Definitely something to ponder.

Tender Heart (Puzzle Pieces Of Me)  

Tender Heart.

Bashful Heart.

Healing Heart.

Sensitive Heart.

Intelligent mind.

Compassionate mind.

Compulsive mind.

Cognizant mind.

Curious soul.

Weary soul.

Passionate soul.

“I-still-feel-like-I’m-six-years-old” soul.




Puzzle pieces of me.

Sometimes jumbled and



sometimes neat and


But all are still me.

Some pieces

just seem

alittle more

socially acceptable,


Tender Heart

Tender Heart (Photo credit: ccmerino)

A Tender Heart

A Tender Heart (Photo credit: Karen.E.Rice)

9 thoughts on “Tender Heart (Puzzle Pieces of Me)

  1. a very encouraging post , i like the pics of the flowers those are looks so cute .


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  3. […] Tender Heart (Puzzle Pieces of Me) (julieannesmith.wordpress.com) […]


  4. […] Tender Heart (Puzzle Pieces of Me)(julieannesmith.wordpress.com) […]


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  6. irisoniris says:

    “Cognizant mind. Curious soul.”
    “Some pieces just seem a little more socially acceptable”

    Poignant lines. We don’t know each other but we all know many forms of hurt and sometimes my hurt matches yours. Keep your head up. There are parts in our lives that we are meant to be in pieces. It’s not a good place to be but it will teach us things.


    • Thanks. I have been really wounded over the years by some who I let be the closest to me in my life. Hurt can run deep and be very scaring. I appreciate your encouragment. I believe (like one of my old favorite bands) about “beauty in the broken.” Yes, we can definitely learn from the hurt and also find healing, forgiveness, and hope.


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